What are the jobs profiles to apply after MSc Bioinformatics?

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Ask BioTecNikaWhat are the jobs profiles to apply after MSc Bioinformatics?
Pragati Suri asked 7 months ago

After m.sc jobs in bioinformatics

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Ria Roy Staff answered 7 months ago

A career in Bioinformatics field
A career in the Bioinformatics field is vast as bioinformatics is a rapidly growing career field and an emerging scientific interdisciplinary branch of study. Bioinformatics course curriculum mainly focuses on employing the bioinformatics resources like web-based programs and databases, to access the wealth of data to answer questions relevant to the average biologist, and is highly hands-on.
Job profiles in Bioinformatics:
There are a number of careers in Bioinformatics field available in different stream as Scientific Curator, Protein Analyst, Gene Analyst,Project assistant/Associate, Phylogenitist, Research Scientist / Associate, Database programmer, Software developer(Bioinformatics) , Computational biologist, Population geneticist, Network Analyst, Structural analyst, Molecular Modeler, Biostatistician, Biomechanics, Big Data Analyst, Cheminformatician, Pharmacogenetician, Pharmacogenomics, Research Scientist / Associate.
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Currently, most of the biological and medical labs worldwide make use of this branch of study to produce extremely large data sets, which is time-consuming gets analyzed by hand. Thus we can even conclude that modern biological and medical research and development cannot be done without bioinformatics and bioinformatics increases the pace of research all over the world.

In addition to the above fields, bioinformatics plays an important role also in biomedical research. Research work in the area of genetic diseases and medical genomics is rapidly increasing and the future of personalized medicine depends on various bioinformatics approaches. So can try applying in various bioinformatics research centers, hospital research centers as well as for biotechnology companies. You can work with Pharma companies on drug designing, in silico analysis, docking, protein modeling, lead optimization, etc.
Application and career in bioinformatics field:
The main goal of Bioinformatics is to convert large complex biological data into useful information. Bioinformaticians deal with this challenge by using various software, bioinformatics tool, and applications. so definitely the career in bioinformatics is interesting as well as challenging. It is very important that you need to have hands-on experience on various trending and commonly used bioinformatics applications. Keeping this as a priority I would suggest you do any short term certifications on the commonly used bioinformatics software if you are from any other branch of life science.
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Salary in Bioinformatics field:
On the basis of your skills, work profile & experience, your salary can come up to approx Rs. 6 Lacs to Rs. 7 Lacs per year. In the government sectors like Research Institutes & Hospital, your salary would be approx Rs. 3 Lacs to Rs. 4 Lacs PA. In foreign countries, you can earn a salary between 40,000 and 65,000 USD.
How to start a career in the Bioinformatics field?
In B.E/B Tech- Biotechnology/Industrial Biotechnology curriculum Bioinformatics is just one of the subjects in the course; So it is important to gain knowledge and experience on basic techniques used to bioinformatics to have a career in Bioinformatics field. You can also do Msc/ M tech in Bioinformatics in various bioinformatics institutes in India as well as abroad to give a kick start to your career in bioinformatics. You can start your career in bioinformatics as a Project Associate or as JRF with your Bachelor’s Degree or as I told you can do your masters in Bioinformatics. You can easily get into best colleges and research institutes if you have cleared any National level competitive exams like CSIR -NET/GATE, JNU, etc.
Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology is one of such reputed institutes in India where you can join for any master/short term courses or even workshops to have a good career in the bioinformatics field. Please visit their site to get more information on webinars, seminars, and conferences conducted by them.
List of institutes in India to start a career in Bioinformatics field:

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suphiya Staff answered 7 months ago

Dear Pragati,
MSc  Bioinformatics has a really good job prospect in India. The companies in the sectors like pharmaceuticals, health sciences and life sciences primarily hire such people and there are lot of such companies both Foreign (like 3M, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline for Pharmaceuticals; Siemens and GE Healthcare for healthcare technology etc) and Indian (like GANIT Labs and Biocon).
You will have many oppurtunities after Masters in Bioinformatics such as:

  • Bio-analytics
  • Computational Chemist
  • Information Developer
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Proteomics
  • Clinical Pharmacologist
  • Sequence Analyst
  • Database Designer
  • Database Maintenance Manager
  • Data Mining In charge

All the Best

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