What is the Scope of Research after a Degree in Dentistry?

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Ketki Kalele asked 1 year ago
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Research options after BDS- Areas of research, Scope & Details
BDS Graduates can join any reputed research institute or can undergo a Masters program in Public Health for better opportunities as a researcher. Post MDS graduates have also options to do research based on one’s keenness. The three broad areas of research options after BDS. A person, depending on his or her interest, should select a particular field of research and then should start applying for post-graduate level programs and Ph.D. level programs.
Postdoctoral research programs include masters and doctoral degree programs which can fetch you research options and opportunities after BDS. A master’s degree program is typically for 1-2 years like any other master’s degree and it involves taking graduate-level courses in oral health research and the completion of a small research project pertaining to the field of study.  Ph.D. programs typically take 3-6 years to complete, depending on the advisor, the complexity of the research project, and the capability of the student.  To get into PhD level programs in a good university, you need to have good credentials in your UG as well as in PG. Factors that could influence your admission include your undergraduate BDS performance as well as your research internship experience.
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Research options after BDS- Areas of research, Scope & Details
Many students who apply for masters or doctoral degrees after their BDS focus only on the first two factors, but research internship experience is also very important. So doing a small research project in areas like periodontology, oral pathology, or oral medicine and publishing them in journals will definitely improve your chances of getting accepted to the program of your choice in some reputed research institutes in India as well as abroad. Students who are unable to get their work published in any reputed journal can try presenting their work at an all-India conference or any international conferences. The ideal time to do a research project is during the internship in some famous institutes. Most of the doctoral research programs are funded by the Government. So, if a student is accepted for the program with any fellowship or scholarship, the tuition fee will be usually waived and the student will be given a stipend. The stipend is typically in the range of 20,000 to 27,000 INR per year.
Clinical Research options after BDS:
Clinical research is turning into one of the most sought-after programs as well as the need for clinical study specialists is rising rapidly, making it a remarkable job option for the mass population with tremendous development & growth possibility. Due to the prevalence of a huge variety of conditions, a professional research study has ended up being an ideal choice for the pharmaceutical industry. Medical study is the scientific research of the different dangers, impacts, and also advantages of any kind of medicinal product.
Trials are undertaken in scientific research at various phases before the market release of any medication. The research study includes numerous research studies and experiments after effectively releasing a new medication to keep an eye on side-effects as well as safety and security issues with medical usage.
There is a widened scope in Clinical Research after BDS completion. Clinical Studies can be done by individuals having a B.Sc. degree in pharmacy, life science research, medicine, oral surgery, biochemistry, etc. The scientific research market offers excellent pay packages at the beginning that increases with even more experience in this field, as well as profession possibility after BDS is many and if a person has done BDS, after that she or he can work as a:

  • Medical consultant
  • Clinical Research Physician
  • Drug developer
  • Principal Investigator

Indian Society For Dental Research & Academy of Advanced Dental Research (AADR) are some of the institutes you can try applying for research options after BDS in India.

After 2-3 years of research experience, one can apply for the post of a researcher in dentistry abroad.
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