Job openings for Biotech freshers

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Ask BioTecNikaJob openings for Biotech freshers
Soumita Bose asked 4 weeks ago

I am a btech graduate on biotechnology.I am a 2013 pass out.Due to family problems I donot have any job experience.Please suggest what job can I apply for? What will be the best way to get a job immediately?

4 Answers
Rashmi Staff answered 4 weeks ago

There is no harm in taking a break in career due to personal reasons. You can start by preparing an attractive CV. List all your accomplishments in the field you wish to pursue. If possible try to get some hands on experience or some certification done so that you can emphasize them on your CV. Decide your career path. You can choose the field of R&D, computational work, production industry, diagnostic and pathology clinics. You can find a list of latest job notifications in

Soumita Bose answered 4 weeks ago

What certifications can I do to get job immediately? Kindly guide me specifically

Soumita Bose answered 3 weeks ago

What is the best job that I can get after completing btech in biotechnology

Rashmi Staff answered 3 weeks ago

It would depend on your interest. You could intern under FSSAI or FCI and get a government position. You could get into drug designing or molecular modelling. There are many certificate courses to choose from and also competitive exams that can help you develop a career. You can also go into food and fermentation industry or even join medical diagnostics. There are many fields to choose from. Select your field and then look up the list of the top companies, labs, or institutes offering vacancies and positions and then begin applying. You can also consider being a lecturer or a biology teacher or even starting your own home based industry.

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