Internship and fellow ships details

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Ask BioTecNikaInternship and fellow ships details
Dhereddy Shashi dhar Reddy asked 4 months ago

Hi good morning plz give me the information about fellow ships and internship details in Hyderabad

1 Answers
suphiya Staff answered 4 months ago

Dear Dhereddy,
For internship at Hyderabad you can apply to

  1. CCMB
  2. CDFD
  3. NIN
  4. NIAB
  5. NIPER
  6. Osmania University

Some Biotech companies that you can try are:

  1. Virchow Biotech pvt ltd
  2. AverinBiotech Biotechnology Training company
  3. Unique Biotech                           
  1. For the research institutes, they generally do not offer a job. The Biotechnology companies may provide a job based on the individual performance. But for good job prospects one must have a Masters degree and preferably a PhD degree. For a PhD degree one has to qualify some entrance exams like CSIR NET, JGBEEBILS, DBT JRF, ICMR JRF etc. So please try to prepare and get into some good college for brighter job prospects as Biotechnology generally is a research subject. All the best
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