Where Can I Know About Govt Jobs in Life Sciences?

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Ask BioTecNikaCategory: QuestionsWhere Can I Know About Govt Jobs in Life Sciences?
Mudit Mayank asked 1 year ago
2 Answers
Rahul.Mishra Staff answered 1 year ago

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Urmimala answered 1 year ago

Hello Mudit,
With your background, there are many areas to be considered for a government job, such as in drug and pharmaceutical industry, public funded laboratories, food processing, bio-processing industries etc. You can also work as a research assistant in a government institute or agency, where the focus of work will be on animals, bacteria, humans, plants, viruses, or any other life form in which they have a special interest. The discoveries made in government, university, or corporate laboratories are the first steps toward genetically engineered products or processes like new vaccines, drugs, or plant varieties. What might be helpful for you, is if you can get into some training and internship programs, to get exposure and experience. You can also keep checking the official website of Biotechnology industry research assistance council (BIRAC) for any government job vacancies in your field.
Keep checking http://www.biotecnika.org/category/jobs/industrial-biotechnology-jobs/ for all industrial biotechnology job notification and http://www.biotecnika.org/category/jobs/government-jobs/ for all government job notifications. Also check for http://www.biotecnika.org/?s=freshers for fresher job notifications.

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