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Suchita Tandon asked 1 year ago

I have completed my masters in bioinformatics from panjab university, chandigarh. I am not having any job and I am clueless what to do next.
I am not ready to do csir net right now.

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Preety Suman Staff answered 1 year ago

Dear Suchita,
Bioinformatics is an emerging interdisciplinary research field. 
Job prospects are everywhere ranging from biotechnology, hospitals, pharmaceutical, and biomedical sciences, research institutions till industry. A few specific career areas that fall within the scope of bioinformatics include Bio-analytics, Clinical pharmacologist, Computational chemist, Database design and maintenance, Proteomics, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacology, Sequence assembly, Sequence analysis, Informatics developer, etc.
Try to add some additional skills related to this field in your CV while applying for jobs. You can also attempt the DBT JRF Exam as BINC exam is now merged with it.
If you can get some experience with programming languages like Python, C, C++, SQL it will help your CV to stand out from other applications especially if you are fresher.
Read more about the scope of Bioinformatics here –

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