Launching BioTecNika Premium T-Shirts – Wear Your Pride on your Sleeves

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Premium T-Shirts

Launching BioTecNika Premium T-Shirts – Wear Your Pride on your Sleeves

Gone are those days when Biotechnology was a small sector and Bio-professionals were shy folks who would struggle in explaining what they do for a living!

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic Broke out, Everyone knows the importance of the roles played by Bio & Medical professionals.

Today every Bio-Professional is proud of what they do and the role their sector is playing to defeat the pandemic,

So, Are You A Proud Bio-Professional?

If the answer is YES

Then why not wear it on your sleeve and flaunt to the world?

We mean it!

If you are one of those Master microbiologists, Charismatic Chemists, Budding biotechnologists and the genius geneticists – It’s Time To Share Your Voice!

When the whole world is boasting about what they do …why should not you?

For all the Brilliant Biologists out there, we present to you Customized Premium quality Bio T-shirts.

They are a perfect mix of vibrant designs and catchy quotes that are going to make your friend say – Hey, I can relate to that too!
For everyone who has made their presence known in the lab or a Bio fest, you can now make your style statement too.

Each T-shirt is designed and made in India, supporting our country’s campaign – Go Vocal for Local.

What are you waiting for?

Head out to Biotecnika Stores and check out the trendy T-shirts now.

Wear Biotecnika T-shirts and be an ambassador for your field.

Go OOTD(outfit of the day), tag us in your Social Media posts and tell your fellow mates how loving & Swanky are the designs!

And the next time we spot you anywhere wearing these amazing T-shirts, Let’s Have that Buddy Hug & the bang On High Five – After all, we are the brand ambassadors of the Life Saving – Life Science Field.

Go Tell the world, that you are a proud Bio-Professional

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